To uplift a community of people is to ultimately liberate them from the vulnerabilities caused by their demons. Within the channels we watch on television to the radio we listen to in the car, it becomes apparent to young black men and women that broadcasting the horrors of severe western issues regarding their lives, the current political situation and police brutality goes unnoticed. However, when Kendrick Lamar dropped his highly-anticipated album “DAMN” on April 14th 2017, the rapper from Compton emancipated the true ideas of loyalty, freedom, fragility, spirituality, greed and many other aspects of this eccentric life. Kendrick Lamar spoke upon matters that expanded the horizons of Hip-Hop music, challenging its norms to greater heights; thus, flourishing a legacy nobody else would dare question.

It goes without saying that the course of Kendrick Lamar’s music varies depending on where you listen. Comparing “DAMN” to his last studio album, for example, causes one to deeply consider themes beyond the surface of what we are used to. In saying this, it connects to the overall exposure to certain theories, views and opinions to young adults listening to these kinds of albums. “To Pimp A Butterfly” conclusively had more of a political stance than “DAMN”, in regard to an overall picture. In fact, K-Dot mentions in song number four (“ELEMENT”) of his last body of work: “Last LP I tried to lift the black artists/But it’s a difference between black artists and wack artists” To break down what these lines could mean is fairly simple: It is Kendrick Lamar’s disdain to the current situation in Hip-Hop’s scenery. A lash towards artists who are disingenuous in their art.

Further into an overview of this album, the mindset given off from “DAMN” shows a more spiritual approach towards his music. (This is with the exception of intensely witty Fox News jabs.) Example: Kendrick Lamar showcases two of the seven deadly sins as title tracks, “LUST” and “PRIDE” to emphasize the ideas of both acts. Analyzing the subliminal as well as the blatant meanings in certain songs is a natural occurrence to music lovers alike.  Both tracks convey what is evident through the whole album: That we as human-beings have our own immortalities and nothing can change that aspect of our nature. K-Dot is preaching for the riddance of gluttony, in a way as well. To be in-tune with our devilish personas is an instinctive manner that helps us bond with others just like us. Kendrick Lamar executes that very same notion of conquering and destroying the stigma towards humanly vices.

Furthermore it is evident that there is a fine line between approaches surrounding music. In particular, Hip-Hop music. The tone set through “DAMN” is one that is justifiably aggressive. Showing that kind of assertiveness gives the artist the ability to communicate their genuine beliefs. Kendrick Lamar’s brilliant ways of incorporating emotion into lyrics is how his music thrives through the cores of his tracks; because that is what Hip-Hop is meant to be… A relation from artist to listener to develop a significant bond between them. It matters to the community of people who buy the music just how crucial authenticity is. In saying this, Kendrick Lamar brings that bona-fide sound each and every time with the tracks upon “DAMN” … 

In being able to create a classic album, Kendrick Lamar’s fervent desire to relay profound messages, ideas and concepts is beyond apparent.  The conceptual architecture of Kendrick Lamar’s vision for “DAMN” is incredible. There is no excess fat with this album. It is a cleanly cut reflection of what it truly means to have a remarkable attachment with God and a higher power as well as giving awareness to social issues going on within this world. Generations will listen to “DAMN” and not only vibe to its sound but understand and absorb the importance of what it stands for. To conclude, God is everlasting and so is Hip-Hop music.

About the Writer:

Candy Dhami is an eighteen year-old writer from Vancouver, British Columbia with incredible knowledge on music and Popular Culture. She has extensive work writing articles, poems and short stories. 

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